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Installation and servicing of solar power systems


With a solar power system, building owners have their own small-scale power plant at their disposal, thus becoming their own power producers. We have the requisite experience and we are able to offer the full range of solar power system services, from consulting and planning through to installation and maintenance.

With a solar power system (also known as a photovoltaic system) on a roof or facade, building owners can produce clean, CO2-free electricity. A relatively modest system measuring 30 square metres is able to provide power for a three-person household, but the electricity generated can also be fed directly into the public power grid.

Thanks to our long-standing experience, we are able to offer professional services in the areas of solar power and photovoltaics – everything from a single source. 

Consulting and planning


We provide support right from the start for interested parties setting up their own solar power systems. On the first site visit, a specially trained solar systems planner will draft specific proposals and ideas. We will also indicate which subsidies are likely to be available.

Using the findings obtained on site, we will determine the best-suited modules and power inverters. By taking into account computer-based analyses and the building elements selected, the optimum circuitry for the components can be determined. This means we are able to draw up a personalised offer for a solar power system that is both economical and environmentally friendly.

The planning application, the application to connect to the power grid and the application to the funding programme will be managed by us. This guarantees fast processing of the administrative aspects. 

Project management and installation


A project plan will be created and scheduled together with the customer. Our project managers will then use this plan as a guide to ensure the timely completion of the work.

In just a few working days, our experienced assembly team will install a solar power system on your roof or facade. Our experience, modern tools and professional working practices mean we can guarantee the smooth operation of your solar power system for 25 years or more. 

Service and maintenance


Although solar power systems are very low-maintenance, it is still worth carrying out regular cleaning and upkeep. This helps to maintain efficiency and high performance. We are happy to take care of these steps for our customers.